Rhinoplasty Warnings

Rhinoplasty is usually performed purely for cosmetic purposes. You must avoid getting this procedure before your face and nose have completed most of their growth. Hence it is best to avoid the surgery until you are in your late teens. Extensive surgery is generally not performed on children unless there is severe disfigurement. This surgery is beneficial to adults and helps improving their social development and self-confidence.

Does Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

If you are having rhinoplasty surgical treatment, only your doctor can submit the case to the insurance company. However, cases, which are not deemed medically necessary, are not covered by the insurance companies. If your physician feels that the procedure was extremely important for your health or has significantly improved your overall quality of life, then the insurance form has to be appropriately filled. Insurance company will not allow your claim if your primary reason was to look attractive.

If you have undergone trauma or developmental abnormality and it was important to fix your nose, then it is possible to claim insurance money. This type of surgery is most commonly known as reconstructive surgery and a few rhinoplasty procedures are covered.